Mgr Zenon Styczyrz

ul. 3 Maja 22

40-096 Katowice

tel./fax: (32) 290 72 64

tłumacz języka angielskiego zenon styczyrz

tel. kom.: 0 604 937 604


GaduGadu: 4358736 gg zenon styczyrz

Skype: zenonstyczyrz skype zenon styczyrz


My name is Zenon Styczyrz. I have been working as a translator and interpreter since 1998 when I was appointed sworn translator of English by the decision of the Chief Judge of the Regional Court in Częstochowa.

I specialize in written, certified (sworn) and oral translations in English and in written translations in German from a wide range of areas (information technology, finance, banking, medicine, law, insurance). I am also familiar with medical and technical texts.

Pursuant to the Polish Sworn Translators Act of November 24 2004 I was entered into the Register of Sworn Translators maintained by the Ministry of Justice under the number TP/2612/05.

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